5 Places People With Health Management Degrees Can Find Jobs

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Practically everyone wants to manage their physical health well with the hope that future years are of just as good as health as today or even better. Individuals with health management degrees are the ones that can help out people, so demand is everywhere. Here are 5 specific places health management professionals can find work.

1) Corporations love to hire people with health management degrees. This specifically usually takes place within human resources offices. The duties of health management advisers here is two fold. First, they encourage and educate employees to live healthy lifestyles in order to remain productive and able to come to work. Second, they work with the company in establishing good practices and protocols for employees in order to keep them safe and healthy. Considering that an employee who calls in sick is both a loss of productivity and a loss of money in the paid time off, it is obvious why businesses want to keep their workforce healthy.

2) College campuses hire such professionals for many of the same reasons. Health management advisers can assist students in everything from keeping regular sleep schedules to eating well in a high stress environment. Students that stay healthy attend class more often, have better grades and lead to better graduation rates. Professionals well versed in health matters can also help college leaders create healthy and safe campuses, doing everything from preventing needless trips to the nurse station to assisting cafeterias in developing nutritionally sound menus and food offerings.

3) Sports teams and leagues sometimes hire health management professionals. While this is often the realm of those trained specifically in sports medicine, called trainers, they might need general assistance with an individual who helps the healthy players stay that way. Franchises and leagues can have a good balance of trainers who focus on acute issues with the specific athletes that have them at the time, while general health professionals can help everyone on the field of play up their game.

4) Newspapers are a source of employment for health professionals who have the ability to write and communicate well. While the industry is declining in sales and overall circulation, they still need people who can contribute timely content on health issues on a regular basis. Considering that newspapers also have websites, this is a great way to get a name in print and establish a media profile and platform that leads to other work. Magazines also are always in need of health writers, as indicated at the supermarket when you see so many headlines about losing weight, building muscle and looking your best.

5) Websites are similarly related potential sources of income for health management professionals. A person with this experience or education can join the existing staff of an established website or even start up his or her own platform, focusing on a niche topic they have interest, passion or expertise in.

As you can see, there are many job and income possibilities when you have a degree or background in health management. If this is your field and you’re not quite happy with where you work or the money you make, review these five possibilities to find your greener pasture.